Ad verba per numeros

Wednesday, April 22, 2009, 08:11 PM
The list of accepted papers for SIGIR 2009 is available. There is a bunch of them I want to read once they'll be available:
  • Extracting Structured Information from User Queries with Semi-Supervised Conditional Random Fields
  • Global Ranking by Exploiting User Clicks
  • Named Entity Recognition in Query
  • Placing Flickr Photos on a Map
  • Predicting User Interests from Contextual Information
  • Reducing Long Queries Using Query Quality Predictors
  • Smoothing Clickthrough Data for Web Search Ranking
  • Telling Experts from Spammers: Expertise Ranking in Folksonomies
  • Web-Derived Resources for Web IR: From Conceptual Hierarchies to Attribute Hierarchies

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